the contest of speed and beauty

 The Golden Greyhound contest, Racing category

 The title of the Golden Greyhound is the highest possible racing award that a greyhound can achieve
 in the Czech Republic.
 Greyhounds collect points each race, analogous to F1 racing.
 Points are awarded for distances of 300 m, 525 m and and a combination of 300 m and 525 m distances.
 All winning categories have been divided to "dog" and "bitch" categories in each distance since 2009.

 A greyhound, that becomes a winner in a particular year, receives the title "Golden Greyhound - Winner"
 in a particular track distance.
 If a greyhound vindicates the winning in a particular distance  (the same as in the previous year) next year,
 such greyhound receives a higher title - "Golden Greyhound -  Master".
 If a greyhound succeeds in winning in a particular distance three years in a row, such greyhound receives
 the highest title - "Golden Greyhound - Grandmaster".
 The award of the Grandmaster title is connected with receiving a bonus financial grant worth of
 100,000 CzK (4,000 EUR)

 Greyhounds are able to reach the highest speed and highest of other hound breeds and greyhound races
 are often compared to F1 racing pilots.
 Greyhound fans admire the speed and beauty of these monopostos!

 The Golden Greyhound contest, Design category

 The title of the Golden Greyhound is the highest possible beauty award that a greyhound can achieve
 in the Czech Republic.
 Titles are received on the 1st Liberated Greyhound Exhibition in Bohemia at the race event
 "Greyhounds Day".

 Greyhounds receive points from an art jury and Winning greyhounds are awarded with titles in compliance
 with their age and gender:
 Golden Puppy, Lady, Sir, or Golden Senior.
 Greyhounds also receive points from the race track audience a the winning greyhound  (regardless of age
 or gender) receives the title "Golden Greyhound TOP Design.

 The Grandmaster title can be achieved in the Golden Greyhound - Design category.
 Only puppies cannot repeat their success in following years as the age limit for the "Puppy" category is 24 
 Puppies can continue in the contest however, according to the contest rules, in Sir or Lady category.

The organizer and the founder of the Golden Greyhound contest

 The Golden Greyhound contest has been organized by the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation (CGRF),
 a member of the World Greyhound Racing Federation.

 "Greyhounds are masterpieces of Nature" said the president of the Czech Greyound Racing federation
 - Mr. Zdenek Grondol, a founder of the Golden Greyhound contest, couple years ago.
 "The perfect beauty of greyhounds fascinate me all the time. Anytime I see a greyhound running, it takes my
 breath away." These are some of quotations of the president of the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation,

 A greyhound owner, whose greyhound won any title of the Golden Greyhound contest may apply for
 signing the title to the CGRF Racing book-Licence.

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member of World Greyhound Racing Federation