19th Sep 2007

                                                                    Information minute 

Actions organized by the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation

  1. Actions organized by  CGRF members are held by its own members for the use of those members
  1. For this purpose members od CGRF leased the Racing Track Praskačka
  1. For other activities (meetings, theatre, etc.) the members lease other needed areas
  1. The members themselves pay the rents for the leased areas from their fees or deposits
  1. Operation of those actions is also reimbursed from the members’ assets,
  1. It is not possible to use any area, that the members leased for their own actions, by any other citizen or association (We are not obliged to provide areas that have been leased and reimbursed from the members’ financial sources - to anybody, anytime and even in any numbering) 
  1. Such thinking would oppose to the membership principle and in consequence, the members, their work and their financial sources would not be necessary.  
  1. We have no grants from the state, a city, a town or a village, not even a tax relief from civil offices, we are not obliged to allow to enter the leased areas by anyobody else than our members.
  1. We are not a public company, we are not obliged to serve to the public.
  1. Although we behaved like a public service last 3 years and we evened up the expenses for those who were not our members and who did not paid the fees and who did not participated in our organisation. 
  1. Only a foolish citizen can believe that all the expenses for a training or a race, lease expenses and the maintenance can be reimbursed by the starting fee.
  1. It gradually become a certain priviledge from our good will to provide all the areas to other citizens than our members and to allow them to come to our actions and this-in truth-"mass charity" of our members did not paid in the end at all.
  1. Even without it such "charity" cannot last forever  and nobody else than our members can raise claims to leased property and our actions which could cause talks like "I can/cannot go to Praskacka, they will/ will not let me in, I will/will not come there, it used to be different-now it is apart from that" etc. 
  1. Nobody but the CGRF members and their guests can take part in actions held by the CGRF members –  you also cannot demand to enter actions organised by a golf club just because you have a golf-club.