Mrs. Jan Wilson - a sad day  - Czech Greyhound Racing Federation

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With deep sympathy we have to announce that Mrs. Jan Wilson -  the first female president
of the World Greyhound Racing Federation, a member of the Australian Parliament,
Jan Wilson AM (Order of Australian Medal), former Chairman of Greyhounds Australasia,
a true friend of greyhounds and people within the greyhound industry.
She will always live in our hearts!

 In her decade as Chairman of Greyhound Racing Victoria, Jan exhibited extraordinary vision and leadership in 
 providing for industry sustainability and delivering significant growth opportunities and returns for all 
 participants. Jan also refocused the significance of animal welfare initiatives and above all, she generated an
 unprecedented unification of the industry by stressing compassion, transparency, integrity and equity as guiding
 Mrs. Wilson was involved in many executive, marketing and promotion duties in the
 greyhound racing industry. Besides the presidency of the World Greyhound Racing
 Federation, Mrs. Jan Wilson was the chairwoman of the Greyhound Racing Victoria  for  9
 years,  she was heavily involved in promoting australian adoption program – Greyhound
 Adoption Program (GAP) and Prison Pet Partnership (PPP - a program that involves
 inmates from prison that take care of retired greyhound and prepare  them for life as pets).

Mrs. Jan Wilson met the czech representatives of the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation
at the WGRF International Conferences in Melbourne and Las Vegas - a memorial picture reportage


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Mrs. Jan Wilson - a sad day  - Czech Greyhound Racing Federation


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